Article 19 Jan. 2024

Year in review: The 2023 updates that will boost your efficiency

As one of the most global operations solutions for FBOs and Ground Handlers, we’ve built a software platform that caters to today’s fast-changing landscape.


Enabling success for our members

We’re proud to maintain a close relationship with our members, allowing our team to develop highly requested features and functionality that will enable further success for our members. In 2023, we made updates to our platform, such as user interface improvements, expanded integration capabilities, built more advanced analytics tools, and made essential security updates.

System usability

Improving system speed and performance and moving towards modern and best-in-class technology has been and will continue to be a focus for us. In 2023, we introduced state-of-the-art React UI technology for a more streamlined design and user experience. This journey continues throughout 2024 as we will continue to make design updates that save time and effort for our users.

Member support

Our team’s high availability for personal support remains a substantial value for our members, and we want to ensure we continue delivering in this area. So, in 2023, we’ve overhauled our tools and processes to give members a smooth and high-quality support experience.

We’ve introduced an AI-driven chatbot that helps you with more minor requests like raising a new support ticket, Q&A support, or providing feedback. It’s also easier to track the progress of your support tickets via our knowledge base portal. In addition, we’re building up our library of product tours and educational videos to help our members with onboarding.

Enhanced security measures

We recognize the growing importance of data security and have continued implementing advanced security features that safeguard user data. These updates include encryption protocols, multi-factor authentication, and regular security updates.

We’re also proud of the FBO One team that successfully drove the Customer security settings audit and recommendations process – for the second year running!

Integration capabilities

Better and more efficient workflows are at the core of our solution, and making it easy to integrate with other software is vital. That’s why we’re expanding our integration capabilities via Public APIs, allowing you to create a customized ecosystem for your data.

The new APIs allow you to save time and work more efficiently when handling requests, crew data, invoices, and flight data. Contact our team to learn more about the available APIs, and we’ll help you get started. We’ve also added several new direct integrations with the most common flight and airport software.

Advanced analytics

For our team and our members to be even better att making data-driven decisions, we have further improved our robust analytics tools to ensure we have insights, data trends, and patterns of user behaviors.

2024 roadmap

In 2024, we will continue transitioning towards more modern technology and refining our analytics tools. Our member support will still be a high priority, and we appreciate you giving us your feedback on how our new support tools work.

Our development team will start exploring how we can expand our popular online payment solution to include another 30 countries.

We’re now excited to dive into 2024, and we can’t wait to share more news with you as we continue our journey to be the most user-friendly and efficient way to handle your FBO operations.

2023 Wrapped
Here's a quick overview of the progress made during 2023.

  • 2023 FBO One uptime 100%, excluding software updates.
  • In use across 720+ airports across 116 countries.

  • 680,000+ flight movements.

  • 650+ million liters of fuel.

  • Fulfilled 60% of the 2022 member survey feedback tasks


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